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GISphere Guide collects timely and comprehensive information on global graduate programs and professors in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and related fields. It contains the most updated information on GIS-related programs and professors from more than 270 universities located in 35 countries and regions across the world. All the information is open-sourced on GitHub.

GISphere is a non-profit initiative led by a group of graduate students and young scholars in GIS-related fields (e.g., remote sensing, urban studies, other subfields in Geography). We have helped students interested in professional development and graduate programs to access the up-to-date information on global M.S./Ph.D. opportunities, funding availabilities, webinars, and competitions through our project website, blogs, online forums, and other virtual events.

Our Chinese version website was launched in September 2019 and has achieved great success in China. We have published over 150 blogs with the support of more than 200 volunteers. More than 5,000 students and teachers have benefited from our community. We launched the English version website in April 2022 and hope it can help more students applying for GIS-related programs around the world.

In addition, we are developing a brand new website on which graduate school opportunities and academic positions (and any other relevant information and opportunities) in GIS and related fields will be posted in a timely manner. We hope that the resources and experiences shared here can help to foster a stronger global GIS community and empower GIS education for the future. Stay tuned!

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This guide will be frequently updated in the future. We hope more people can join us to develop and maintain this project. Please do not hesitate to contact us ( or submit issues on GitHub if you wish to add or edit information on our website.

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Yikang Wang
Yikang Wang
PhD Student

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), UCL